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well the other day i picked up this beast for a few hundred smackers and i had a few questions. The bike runs and everything but the frame where the subframe connects cracked so they completely cut off those ears,, so basically i need a new frame. I was wondering what the deal is with changing frames on a damaged titled bike? can you change a frame out and keep the same vin somehow? a frame with a title is too much, but i can get a straight frame without a title for cheap, would it be possible to punch a new vin in it, maybe powdercoat over it?,,, all in all i'm gonna end up making a stunt bike out of it, I have a few extra parts from my 02 gixxer so that will help. BTW how hard is it to change out the frame. what frames will this motor and everything fit in? ,,, and let me know if you guys have and parts

Frame, subframe, seat, tail, tank, oil cap, Etc....


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