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philadelphia riders?

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Hey what's up everyone in kinda new to this so bare with me. I just got another bike, its a gsxr 1000 and I'm lookin for people to ride with. I dont really talk to anyone that lives near me so I thought I would give this a show. I live right outside of Philadelphia in Delco. So if you live any where near me hit me up so I can finally get a riding buddy. I have one other person that I ride with and I'm looking for more so let me know! Thanks for reading. :punk
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If it's a level headed group. Post up when/where and I'll see if I can make it.
Bucks county, pa here! I work in center city, and take the bike to work every chance I get.
I work in cc too. Don't like taking the bike though because leaving it parked at a meter all day makes me nervous.
I hear you on that! Luckily my work has a garage. You should shop around, most garages offer a special monthly rate for motorcycles since you can park it in "dead space" where cars don't fit. Pm me I can give you some tips depending on your actual location.
That's good to know, I never really looked into it. But I'm pretty sure the PPA garages don't allow bikes due to the liability of them being damaged or stolen. I take the train everyday, sitting in traffic on 76 sucks!
Any west chester riders want to get a ride together?
Can I take that new L7 for a spin?? :biggrin
I don't know about all that, but hey anything is possible haha :biggrin
:lol fair enough!
Looks like we have quite a few people in Philly and surrounding suburbs area. I'm thinking we could throw a date on the calendar a month out and see if we can generate some interest. I'm thinking saturday september 9th. Who is interested? Where should we ride to?
I'll take a ride. We could go out towards Chadds Ford/Brandywine valley - some decent back roads around there.
1 - 7 of 34 Posts
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