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hey all im new to the site and just picked up a k2 750 and was wondering about performance? to be quite blunt what is the best bang for the buck performance wise. I know a full pipe and power commander will be great but what else and what kind of pipe? yoshimura, akrapovic, hindle? they are all good what should i do? thanks
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been ridin for 10years buddy...5-7 track days a year. ive been riding yamaha's my whole life this is my first suzuki.
Don't listen to douche bag about learning to ride..Everyone around here is on thier high horse about how their such good riders and everyone should learn first. Funny thing is, everyone probably learned the wrong way. I learned on a 95 900RR. Not the right way, but hey, it works..That was 7 years ago. lol

Anyway, I just picked up my first suzuki, an 01, 750, and I love it. I've ridden Honda's and Kawi's forever.. Mine was bone stock..I went down 1 tooth in the front, and got a Two Brothers pipe and power commander...It rips...You should at the least get a new front sprocket...The stock gearing blows.
sweet thanks for the insight man
Well as for performance the GSXR 750 is a bit granny geared. Add a +2 rear spocket along with your pipe and PC. Any pipe will work fine, get what you like and tune your PC to it.

Good brake lines and some nice pads give better and quicker stops, gearing will keep her in the correct R range longer and sooner.

Suzuki Gel seat will keep your arse comfy.

Double bubble screen of some sort will let you tuck better and see your guages better.

Enjoy, i have a pair of 02's and love them.
yeah i had galfer pads and lines on my old bike and i miss the initial bite of a steel braided line. and i have a bubble screen on order thanks man
Gearing is prob your biggest bang for the buck. But my best investment has been for my butt!!!! That gel suzuki seat.......ohhh ahhh
and im only 160lbs.
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:punk nice....:punk
Cam swap and revalve the suspension for starters., maybe after that drop the head gasket to a thinner one. Performance is all about how much you want to invest into your ride, you can always find ways to improve it.
i would say cam swap and gearing, exhaust and power commander and tre oh and tires.
Do a 520 conversion, drop a tooth in the front, or go up a few in the rear (I did both, it's a bit aggressive and vibrates a bit too much at highway cruising speeds, but I'm used to it.)

Folk run all kinds of pipes, but I'd have to say the full Hindle systems are the best bang for the buck... stainless header, titanium can with a PC and tuning cost me $1500 -- can't go wrong. They are also one of the lightest systems on the market.

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