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PC III idle question

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When i pull the clutch lever in, my idle drops to 1400 RPM. When i let the clutch lever out, the idle rises to 2000 RPM. I have a PC IIIUSB installed with a map for K&N filter and MICRON slip on.
Any suggestions?

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Don't you have a TRE on there? that would explain it
why a tre is no good? i was thinking about buying one
a TRE is a fine mod for the street, I have one on my bike. Its just it messes the nuteral map causing the idel to be a little weird if you just have a non smart tre mod
I forgot about the having the TRE installed. Why does the TRE make the idle weird? Where can i get a switchable TRE?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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