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These brands, except maybe Strada 7, will be familiar to racers, trackday junkies and street riders wanting the benefits of full adjustability on both sides of the yoke plus much better looks than OEM.

I have recently purchased, fitted and ridden with all three. As far as fitting goes, they are all the same. If your bike is difficult, like two of my Ducati's, you need to set aside some time and be prepared for things not to go to plan. For my Gix Thou '17, however, job done in 20 minutes.

I chose standard length LSL and Strada 7 (which are still shorter than OEM) and shorty Pazzo's for my animal 1098S. The short levers demand one or two finger braking, so if your bike has pretty ordinary brakes I would stick with standard length so you can grab a handful when needed.

Aesthetically there is little difference between the Pazzo's and LSL. This is also the case with shape and general feel. Both are well finished and have a positive position "click". The Strada 7's, by contrast, have more attention to detail, a carbon inlay and fine detailing. I am no photographer but hopefully this will come through in the images.

As to price, and this is what I paid for particular model bikes, LSL top the list at a hefty $320AUD for the Gix. For the price I was expecting more. The shorty Pazzo's for the Duc 1098S were $240, a reasonable price. I bought both of these via EBay.

The Strada 7 Carbon's won hands down at $200 from Misano Moto Imports UK for a Ducati 748R. However, I have seen them advertised on Amazon for $140USD for more common models.

The images are in order LSL, Pazzo and Strada 7.


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