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Parts for sale, trade, Y2k, and SRAD, Factory pro, OEM and Upgrade.

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Parts for sale, trade, Y2k, and SRAD, Factory pro, OEM and Upgrade. Pictures

I have added some new parts to the list, please take a look through! Like new carbon fiber parts, and EMS cube 3 ECU, and more!
I still have a lot of parts, I am willing to let go of very inexpensive. Like full body parts for 00-03 GSXR, Head light parts, stock rear and front sprocket, Yoshi RS-3 Can, White frame sliders for 05-06 1000, frame sliders for 00-03 600-750, lot of hardware, Short kick stand for lowering the bike All years, Filler panels for 00-03 , Factory pro 2+ Ign adv. for GSXR 750 to 01, or Srad 60/750 (new) Shift kit factory pro, (new) Same yer stock tail lights.

New front JT (think thats the brand) Front sprocket (525) rear sprocket (525) This is a -1+2 combo for anyone! Used rear sprocket, new front!
Do have a free chain I'll throw in, does need re-linking! and cleaning!
Pre-load adjusters, and air bleed valves for all make bikes.

GSXR brake covers, square, and anodized black.

SRAD rear cowl left side panel, Srad rectifier, Srad rear Pegs and mount(Exhaust side gone) Rear Srad trunk pop, New main jets for Any makuni. Needles for Factory pro kit's Srad, Pilot jets, K&N air filter with 50mi. 2 sets of Srad 600 carb racks, ready to mount and tune. Various Srad carb parts.

Mirror block off's for various year GSXR, GSXR Bar ends, Needless to say, I have stuff to trade and sell

Yes, there is Srad parts, and 05-06 parts, and Y2K parts listed. Love to trade!

Looking for Front upgraded disc/rotor's for y2k 750, front braided lines, rear disc/rotor, and braided lines. As well exhaust! Will to trade all parts, for little items I need above.

Pictures are here! Please look in this page:

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Anyone have a Y2k 750 7 wire ignition? It is discontinued idk what to do hoping someone has one. Also can I see what the 2000 headlight harness looks like I haven't been able to figure out what one to get it's been fun finding the differences in the 2k vs 01-03 any help would be greatly appreciated
I have a manual problem is mine is a 2000 so there for it is a Y not a K and that is the problem most of the things I need are discontinued so and I was trying to get and Idea what they look like compared to the K1 that's why I was asking for help. Sorry to disturb you for a third time sir. Hey while your being miserable sometime try searching for info on a Y and the circles that you get lead in to be told well the K1 or K2 but problem is if you look in your Suzuki service manual and compare the bikes why does the Y have 7 wire ignition switch that is no longer available and that is a quote from the dealership but the K models are 6 or 5 there are many more differences as well and I seem to have noticed most references are to the K when asked a question about the Y
That was not to the guy trying to help me it was to the guy that told me he answered the question 3 times but he hasn't. If it was harsh I'm sorry but I been to 3 different dealerships and have spent hours searching to be told things are the same that are not is a little frustrating. But peter079 is trying to help and his help is appreciated. I will take a picture of the connector and pm you
OK. The 750 workshop manual does show a 7 wire ignition switch for the Y model. It is still a 6 pin connector like the K1, but with a separate [O/W] wire for the Fan circuit. The K1 doesn't have this extra wire. It has the fan circuit spliced into the [O] orange wire.

I don't see any extra relays for the K1, the circuits look basically the same. You could probably use the K1-K3 ignition switch and splice in the [O/W] with the [O], as long as the 6 pin connectors are the same, which I believe they are.

You can not use any of the newer ignition switches like K4 onwards. They will connect up, but the internals are different and you can potentially damage the ecu. Only use the 2000-03 600/750 compatible switches.
So the outside wire is for the fan. If I put it into the orange it would work?
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