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Parts for Hydro Clutch to Cable conversion 1100

These are all OEM part #'s

Whats needed from the 86-88 gsxr 1100

1 inner clutch hub 21410-48B02 can also be from an 88-93 Katana 1100
1 pressure plate 21462-06B00
4 clutch springs 09440-20013
4 bolts 01500-06307
4 spacers 09180-06174
4 washers 09160-06066
6 M6x45
2 M6x50
1 M6x55

Whats needed from the 92-93 600,93-95 750

1 clutch cover 11340-17E01
1 clutch cable 58200-17E00
2 clutch cover gaskets 11482-17E00
1 complete lever assembly 57500-18D10
1 clutch release 23165-21E00
1 bearing 09263-15003
1 washer 09160-15045
1 countershaft cover(optional) 11361-17E00
4 locator pins 04211-09189

Still waiting on the CAD file for the spacer...should be done very soon
Also working on plugs to seal off the chamber for the 1100 clutch rod so no oil dumps out onto countershaft sprocket.
;) Thanks crzoomb

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Part for 1100w carb swap

Since the 750w 38mm carbs have the same external dimensions as the 40mm carbs its easier to source parts from the 750

1 rack of Canadian or Euro spec Mikuni 40mm BST carbs from an 1100w(93-98)
1 750w airbox it will be marked 17-EO
4 750w airbox boots P# 13881-17EO
4 750 inlet boots P#s 13110-17EO #1 cyl
13110-17EO #2 cyl
13130-17EO #3 cyl
13140-17EO #4 cyl
4 inlet boot "O"rings P#09280-44007
8 inlet boot screws P#09126-06014 (just in case you round them off)
4 #40 pilot jets P# N151-067
4 #1.2 pilot air jets P# BS 30/97
Factory pro stage 1 jet kit CRB-S72-1.0 w/airbox
Factory pro stage 3 jet kit CRB-S72-3.0 w/out airbox

Some useful links For outstanding support and parts sourcing

The carbs show up,just be patient.And double check your pilot air jets,pilot jets,needle jets,and main air jets.Dont assume they are "plug and play".And it helps to have a French connection...Thanks Freddy

Hope this helps
Once again, thanks Dave.
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