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Parting Out 2012 GSX-R 600

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324 kilometers, all original. PO laid her down and a frame slider bolt chipped the frame and his provincial registrar deemed it frame damage and a total loss. Bloody shame as the bike was/is like new. Some rash on the right side as well but other than that pretty damn new.

Broke some plastics on the right and some rash on the bar end, lever, bent the rear brake lever, knicked the exhaust. Can get more pictures down the road.

I'm out in Manitoba, ship either with CP or across the line for the big stuff.
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Here's some more pictures finally.

This one will be a little slower on pulling stuff off.
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Did a short walk around video

Hopefully next week it will be in pieces.
Have most of the plastics separated and will post pictures later.
Quick general shot of some of the plastics and subframe, more to follow.

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Prices are shipped to CONUS/Canada.

Frame sliders, not sure of brand, seems like everything is there - 60
ECU - 150
Tail section with lights, couple small marks on the edges - 275
Ram air tubes - 75
Mirrors have some rash on the lenses and on one housing - 60
Frame covers - 50
Lower fairing, rash on RH, LH pretty good - 120

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Wow. Good luck with that. They go anywhere from $60 - $100 on eBay.
They're 321 on Ron Ayers new. I saw broken tabs and mounts ones for 70 and clean ones for 200 with probably more mileage than this one.

Sorry I can't help you out.
Will have some pictures later of the front end, gas tank, engine, anything else I missed in the first post...
Most all the pricing is a good bit off. Maybe it is because he is in Canada and shipping will run him more.

mbzuki, you cannot go by ronayer prices to set your prices. Not if you want to sell them anyways.

Shipping is quite a bit more up here, probably double or more for some things. Perhaps they're priced a bit high but I would think some of them are about as low mileage/close to new as you could come across. Simply being out of Canada seems to be an obstacle as well. I've had stuff priced lower than comparable sellers out of the US (on other sites, not here necessarily) yet had little to no interest whereas said seller(s) has/had multiple inquiries...
Pricing is the most important thing when selling used items. Where you're from and mileage isn't. Personally I could care less how many miles your headlight has on it. I was just looking for a retrofit project. You might be able to get your asking prices but you'll have to wait for that right guy.

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That's all good, and I hope I didn't come across as crass with my earlier reply. I'm fine with starting a little higher and going down whilst sitting on some stuff as I'm not in a huge rush to get rid of anything at the moment. I've listed the whole upper fairing assembly minus ram air tubes for 325 complete or something like that on eBay and if I have to I guess I will split that out and lower the price on the headlight eventually.

Typically the only thing people will pay more for low mileage is the motor. You say you are pricing compared to other sites but you are comparing to ronayers. Those parts are new. Even though your parts may be low mileage, they are not new. In order to successfully sell on here you will need to find the lowest price on ebay and price it lower than that. Not trying to bash your thread, just trying to help you get this stuff sold. I see you have started to list on ebay so maybe you will have better luck there.
I can tell you're not bashing the thread, no worries there. I did check eBay, ballpark for non-broken headlights was high 100s to 200 flat when I did. If I'm not mistaken in a different for sale thread it looked like the guy got rid of his for 175. I brought up the Ron Ayers price just to give perspective relative to new. I'll be honest when I have seen other folks in my neck of the woods selling used OEM it is usually around 50% of new price when it is in good shape. I'm not sure what it is like for your respective markets though, not that I have high acumen when it comes to selling either as I recently starting parting out bikes a little more in the last year or two (usually do flips locally). I know eBay isn't the end all source for pricing/parts but...

11 12 13 2011 2012 2013 Suzuki GSXR600 GSX R 600 750 Front Headlight Lamp | eBay

2011 2012 2013 2014 11 12 13 14 GSXR750 GSXR 600 750 Headlight Head Lamp Light | eBay

2011 2012 2013 11 14 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 Headlight Front Headlamp B199 | eBay

Front Headlight Housing Suzuki GSXR 600 750 11 14 Stock | eBay

Maybe those are on the higher end but for broken stuff a quick search for me found this:

11 15 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 Front Headlight Lamp S95 | eBay

11 15 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 Front Headlight Lamp S95 | eBay

2012 2014 Suzuki GSXR 600 GSXR750 Front Headlight Lens Assembly | eBay

Just an example but regardless I appreciate input from the both of you.

Sorry for the loss but just can't cut you a check? It's a huge pain to part out a bike. That's a lot of time wasted boxing up shit and heading to the post office.
It was already paid out and bought back by the previous owner. I bought it from him to either use for the track, to save for parts for other machines, or to part out. I could use the money in the future so the third option it was.
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I understand man. Best of luck to you with the sales. :cheers
Thanks. I think the guy had bought it brand new as a left over crate in 2014 at some point. Took it out spring of this year and caught some gravel and the rest is history.
Front and rear wheel assemblies are gone as is the gas tank.
Motor has been sold now as well.
A few more things have left: upper cowl with headlight/mirrors/stay/windscreen, ECU, Brembos + master cylinder, tail fairing assembly, and possibly the lock set yet.
Might be putting up a thread soon but have some pieces left from a 2014 that had the chain skip off and hit the block. Most of the front end and gauges are gone...will try and get pictures and a thread up later.
Kind of an old thread but all I have left from this is basically the frame which would be good for a race bike or stunt bike I suppose and the rear pillion pegs, maybe the rear fender as well...

Any interest?

I will probably throw a thread up for some stuff left over from a 2014 that had around 3000 miles as well.
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Bringing this back from the dead, have a fairly clean blue tank from a 2014, mirrors from the same bike, headlight that has a broken tab...some plastics from the right side that didn't take a hit, etc. PM me for pictures.
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