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Well folks, long story short I've decided to part this bike out and try to get my money back out of it. It has pissed me off to no end and I'm not going to keep throwing money into it. What started as a $200 set of new tires has turned into nearly $750 in new parts.... once something new goes on it breaks something else. I think the damned thing is cursed. :banghead I've had better luck with a 1973 Corvette that had sat outside for 25 years than this damn thing. I can't seem to find any decent shops here in Orlando, so I'm going to part it out.

Anyways, it's a 2001, 14k miles clean and clear title.

New parts:
Dunlop Qualifer Q2's (6 miles on them)
F Brake Pads
Fuel Pump
Rear Brake Cylinder

Aftermarket Parts:
Yoshi RS-3 Slipon
Power Commander (Spoken for)
Digital Display (Spoken for)

Parts that will not be sold:
rear brake lines
rear brake pads
wiring harness {too many breaks in it}

Parts will be avaliable mid to late feb. I am moving the 13th into a house so I'm assuming I will have my garage setup by about the 20th... so count on parts being able to ship the 1st of march. Will not collect payment until they are ready to ship. Please PM me with what you need.
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