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Brian Parriott’s ‘A’ bike from the 2001-02 season. Parting out the entire bike, so I am going to list the main components. But please ask for any small parts.
Clean titled frame – Currently a California Off Road title, not registered for street. I’ve had this bike for nearly 10 years, and I’ve never been down on it. Have title - $500
AMA GSXR 1000 forks with Racetech springs, and Lindermann Engineering custom valves/stacks for 170 lb person – please keep in mind, it’s been 2 years since service and it’s due for new fluid/seals. - $300

Some brand clip-ons $50
GSXR 1000 calipers - $100/pr

GSXR750 rr caliper - $50

Fr/rr axles - $30
Radiator - $100
Braided brake lines -$40

Titanium rotor bolts (15) fr/rr - $100
About that motor;
I thought the valves were ticking, but they checked out. The mechanic believes the pistons are done, maybe a ‘ring’ came loose. Looking to sell the motor as whole, but if it doesn’t, I will part it out. Motor has;
Titanium valves, Yoshimura AMA-spec cams, Titanium rods, APE/Falicon knife-edged/balanced/lightened crank. Looking for $800

Full Titanium Hindle race exhaust - $600 - Possibly the LIGHTEST and best performing exhaust systems made for this bike!

Not sure if the transmission is a kit transmission, but it still works just fine.

Spare set of stock rims. Great for back up slicks or rain slicks.
Stock 750 swing arm - $50
1 ‘nearly’ brand new Dunlop Ntech front slick. It literally has 3 laps on it. $100

Tach/gauge – broken tab - $75
Wire Harness - $50
ECU - $50



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I'd be sort of interested in rebuilding the motor but 800 seems like a big gamble if some internal is no good... could be a wiped cylinder + pistons, etc.

Word of advice.. Do not change the cam timing... Make sure you realize where it is set

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Okay, as stated above both sets of rims are sold, but I still have what is listed left.

Motor (to be torn down and pieced out)
Race wiring harness (signal/headlight/brake light wires removed)
airbox/high flow air filter
Ti rotor bolts

Please ask if I don't list anything. Small stuff too, regulator, stuff like that.
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