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pair question

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could anyone give me a brief explanation of the pair system and what it stands for ? thanks
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it's just an emissions control device that pumps air into the exhaust. This helps to burn the unburned fuel. usually people do it for the following reasons.

1. to reduce weight
2. minimizing popping after installing an exhaust system
3. help dynamometer operators to get better exhaust readings when creating 4. new fuel maps for power commanders or aftermarket ecu's.

I believe taking it off will increase popping
:scratch hhmm now that i think about it ...yeah it would since the fuel would burn off later in the exhaust once it hits open air as opposed to close to the exhaust ports. :scratch hhhmmmm.....
save weight?

take off one sock when your on the track next time... there u've saved even more weight then your pair.. or better yet take a piss.
lol, actually thats a few pounds you can take off!
eh? its a little "T" that comes together at the top of your motor under your air box...

its basically a worthless waste of time
Ah yes, the beloved PAIR. Throw a PCIII/K&N/Full exhaust on an SV and you'll quickly learn about the pair. Sounds like a friggen howitzer ever time you engine brake!

If you don't care about emissions, or you're going to mod heavily I'd remove this. It doesn't really do anything else except suck power and add weight

all mental haha
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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