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Hey guys :)

I need to paint my 2014 gsx-r 750. Model Blue/white. I have found the codes for the paint. It is YWW Pearl Glacier White and YSF Metallic Triton Blue.
I know that I can buy these paints online but it is not cheapest and also I would prefer nearby paint shops to let them mix it. I have heard that is not easy to mix the paint correctly to fit it with other parts. Do some paint shops have an access to the exact colour composition? or they mix it somehow to get the most similar colour to OEM.

I have found a thread here where is described the YSF Metallic Triton Blue paint code for 09 gsxr.
I copy this from that thread:

For future searches....

Spies Hecker (FTW!!!) is 809746

Diamond Blue 227.5
Trans. Dark Blue 325.2
Brilliant Silver Coarse 391.7
Trans. Deep Blue 423.2
Effect Additive 441.7
Deep Blue 454.9

Can anybody explain me these numbers ? Does YSF Metallic triton blue contains all of the colour listed above and numbers show the mixing ratio ?
Will be the list of colours same for the year 2014 ?

Does anybody know mixing ratio for YWW Pearl Glacier White 馃檹馃檹馃檹 ?

Thank you and I apologize for my bad knowledge about painting
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