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Hi Guys,
I'm a grateful owner of a GSXR600 L2 from Sri Lanka !
I've been on the forum for six months and never really posted at all.....
As for my past bikes, I still got my L2 DRZ400, 79 XL250s and a TZR125 front carb.
There's nothing done on my bike other than a Akra Megaphone Slip on, and I'll be ordering a PCV and Quick shifter by the end of this year. (And hopefully a better sounding full exhaust)
Experience wise I could take apart my bike and put it back as it was, excluding the Motor ;(
Super Pumped to meet the OGs!

PS: Where i come from anything above 450cc is deemed illegal, but there are a handful of registered bikes down here and it costs a bit over $12000 for a L2 600 with the title :(

Cheers Guys!
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