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Making adjustments to your ride height is critical for the proper chassis set up. No matter if you ride on the street or the track (drag race or road race), making a fine adjustment can really improve your control of the machine.

Orient Express is pleased to announce that we have completely revised our fully adjustable lowering links. The billet aluminum barrel is fully CNC machined, and then black anodized for great looks. Two view ports are machined near the ends along with reference marks, allowing you to see exactly how much thread you have remaining quickly and easily, and permitting you to match adjustments to both sides evenly.

Part Number CHS7500-600ADJ fits the following models (click link to our site):

Suzuki -
GSXR 600 2001-2005
GSXR 750 2000-2005
GSXR 1000 2001-2004

Kawasaki -
ZX 6R Ninja 1998-2002 600cc
ZX 6R Ninja 2003-2006 636cc
ZX 9R Ninja 1998-2003
ZX 12R Ninja 2000-2005

We also have a special link from Adams Performance for the later model GSXR's:

GSXR 1000 2007-2008
GSXR 750 2006-2008
GSXR 600 2006-2008

This work of art in CNC billet aluminum is truely a sight to behold!


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