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Hey Girls,

I need your help ;)

I live in Germany and I found this jacket while surfing through the www...

In Germany there's no chance to buy this jacket because of "license problems" (so a german Icon-Dealer told me). The only chance to get it is by ordering on a us-site.

I don't want to wear it on the bike (there I've got the Alpinestars Stella Julie one-piece-Leathers)- just in free time or on motorcyle meetings...

Has anyone of you such a jacket??? Are the protectors removable? How does the jacket fit? I could only find the pictures from the icon homepage- no one of a woman wearing this jacket...

Thanks for your help,


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I have the Icon Suzuki Mech 3 Jacket. From looking at the descriptions I think the only difference between mine and the Gixxer Girl is just look.
I used to have a Joe Rocket, and my biggest complaint about that jacket is It wouldn't stay down over my hips. Not a big deal for summer, but made it very cold in winter.

I love my Icon jacket. Probably the best fitted jacket I have ever owned. I wear mine whenever I ride tho. The make of the jacket is long, so it will snug to your hips. Another plus to the jacket is it has a zipper protector so you won't scratch up that tank. Pads are removable.. however since it is textile, when you wash it you should not dry the jacket and immediately put the pads back in so it doesn't shrink.

Hope that answers some of your questions :)

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the description indicates that the protectors are removable:
  • Womens sport fit
  • Durable nylon textile chassis
  • Removable CE field armor impact protector elbow and shoulder
  • Removable dual-density foam backpad
  • Zippered intake and exhaust vents for cooling
  • Custom buckle adjustment system
  • Removable insulated liner
i have a few icon jackets and like them for the most part (avoid the "mesh" ones tho)

it's a good fit, but you will find the arms will run longer, and the jacket a little shorter. tho these are adjustable for hips (see the buckles on the side? that will adjust in and out)

also, the textile will be quite stiff for a while. it's not going to fit like a normal jacket would.

they're pretty true to US sizing as well.
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