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Older Model Plastics - how do U remove the decals \'safely\"?

Hi All,
I've recently got an older model 85 gix.
The plastics are fairly rooted, with cracks in just about everyone.
I've had a good go at repairing the front guard and it's come up pretty well if I do say so - Time consuming but still pretty good.
So I started on teh side panel - and see that A lot of the cosmetics on this panel is actually decal. I'v e had the hair dryer onto it but none of these decals are thinking about moving at all - doe sanyone know the best way to get decals off of bike plastics ?
Thanks if anyone can help.

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Re: Older Model Plastics - how do U remove the decals \'safely\"?

do you plan on painting the plastics after?

if yes then just sand um off...

if no.... i'm not sure. Don't know what you have down there for adhesive removers. Check you local Hardware store and ask them about adhesive removers and try a few. Some work better than others and the sales rep might be able to help you pick the best one that won't eat your plastics, but will get the decal off.

Hope this Helps
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