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1998 GSXR600 16,500miles jet2 w/yoshi pipe, thats it

Ok, i'm tryin to sell my bike, but I don't want to cause theres a few things wrong with it, so being the nice guy that I am, i'd like to try to fix them so they're either minor or fixed completely for little cash and myself doing all the work. The list of things that must be done is probably weak compared to most people's problems, however, I was wondering if there was someone that could provide a list of things step-by-step since perhaps they've been there done that..

Bike won't start easily, I think the carbs need to be cleaned, but I read a document on the net stating that most bike technicians don't even take the carbs off the bike to clean them, just merely tapering the end of the red tube that comes with the can of B12-Chemtool and stickin it in 3 holes that I forgot what they said, and letting lose and that should clean it up, and my bike hasn't sat for months without running, just took the carbs off temporarily for about 4 weeks, so i'm guessing shit got in there...

next thing, I THINK the left cylinder on the forks is leaking at the top and bottom. Is there an easy way to repair/repack the forks? I use the term "easy" loosely.. Im' sure it requires elbow grease, but if it's just a matter of taking shit apart and replacing seals in a non-need-a-technician way , i'm sure i can handle it.. if someone supplies the step-by-step stuff..

last thing, I hope, is lubing the chain, I know, ,this is such a n00bie ass question, but.. How do you do it easily and non-damaging..I rather ask noobie questions so the knowledge can be passed along ;0 heh.

I'm willing to format the step-by-step stuff and make it a formal tutorial if it is worth it, and i'll take pix while doing it, and post all information with a link to download the tutorial if need be... just a way of saying thanks for the help basically...

I suspect that I should have an answer by the time I get home from buyin some SImple Green to clean my bike with, so with that said, ,thanks in advance..


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Carbs-try getting them sync'ed. They prolly got "outta wack" when you took them off. Check the tank for rust, that can affect the carbs if the tank is really rusty.
Forks-pull the legs(fork shaft) off the triple trees and find a guy who can replace the seals. It's cheaper if you just go in with the legs off the bike.
Chain-after you get the bike running, go for a nice 10-20 minute ride, stop and spray lube the chain while the chain is hot.
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