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HI there !
I was wandering if any one outh there hade the same prolbem as me. Basicly the problem that i'm talking is the oil presure light is coming on when the bike reaches between 80-90 degree. Light comes on only when i ride on sllow speed or when I change gears. When I reve it over 3k rpm light switches off. I stoped to a bike shop to ask about the light they said to me that probably it needs a new oil.
I did change the oil but the problem is still there. Could it be that the oil switch is messing around or is it more serius than that.
The reason why I am asking for some advise here is that mos of the bike shops that I have been they are asking the fortune to check my bike.
Probably it is a very small thing but as most of the bike shops they will tell you that is a serious problem and it will take few hours to find out about the problem.

Any advise would be appertiatetd.
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