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If it was too dense for motorcycles,it would also be "too dense for cars,now wouldn't it? It would be super hard to collect on a warranty claim for a filter. They would ask you to send it in,then they would start to sayit was the condition of your engine,the type of oil you used,etc,all so they can weasel out of paying 1000's for an engine.If it were that easy, you would hear of a lot of people doing claims.
This is what happens when someone thinks they know better than the OEM's and Manufacturers.

I want to see that motorcycle oil pump supply enough oil to an auto engine and also live to keep pumpig oil for the life of the auto engine.

The filters have been tested and found that they may cause problems on a motorcycle which is why make a motorcycle filter in their ML Line.

The Pure One also has a HIGHER By-Pass pressure than the OEM CALLS FOR!


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Just noticed this thread. Per this the Mobil 1 M1MC-133 is suitable for our bikes. Pep Boys has it but you'll probably have to order it. O'Reillys lists it but it's not clear if you can really get it from them. They're actually made by Champion Labs. I've been very happy with an AC PF35L car filter made by them.

P.S. Per other posts here, the Suzuki 16510-03G00-X07 in the lead post needs updating to 16510-07J00. The earlier part can still be found on ebay but it sounds like they are at least five years old.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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