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Searched but couldn't find any info on it. And, if this is the wrong area mods, please move it to tech area.

I got a K1 GSXR600.

Changed the oil last night and caught hell taking off the old filter. Long story short, got filter off but the oil filter mount/bolt was still in oil filter. So we were unscrewing the oil filter bolt/mount instead of unscrewing the oil filter. :cursing

We finally got the oil filter bolt/mount out the old filter but the threads for the filter end of the bolt are a little damaged. (i think thats why it was so hard to unscrew in the first place) :banghead

Alright questions:

Where can I find a new oil filter mount/bolt? (K1 GSXR 600)

It has threads on both ends, the engine casing end and the filter end, now once I tighten it down by hand to the casing, what do I use to completely tighten it down to the engine casing? (without damaging the threads for the filter side)

Any help is appreciated.
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