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If your bike was inspected for the Frame recall, did it recieve the Brace? or the Fra

official k5/k6 1k frame recall thread

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There is a post on labusas about a frame recall

I have no clue if its true, just seeing if anyone knows anything about it??
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Just bought an 05 1000 with 30k miles. I'm gonna have to see if the job was done. Definitely getting it done. I like my wheelies. :p

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hi guys,i want to buy a gsxr 1000 k5 or k6 from italy,this prloblem with the frame is also in Italy?
Guys.... Brought my bike in on 2/28 for Frame and Brake Master Cylinder recall and they said the MS has not come in yet as of today 3/17... They have no tracking and don't know when it will arrive. Does yours take that long.... They said that the frame brace is done just waiting for the MS part. I will wait one more week and then take the bike home until parts come in- but I have to blead the MS as it ran out of fluid and has air in it now... ahyaa....
Mine took less than a week for 2 MC to come in for my 1000 and 600.
Recall finally done after 3 weeks. They wanted to fix this and that on the bike and I said NO - thank you. They had a free pickup/delivery special but I feel like they did not want to deliver indicating they were booked for the next two weeks. I just Rode the bike home half fairing. I guess this is why not too many people like stealers...
I had the cowling off my K6 and took the opportunity to clean the underside of accumulated grime & gunk. While reinstalling I noticed that a spacer was missing from the right side. The spacer was part of the frame brace kit and is shown in red here:

The kit's installation instructions list the components but, unlike the master cylinder recall, do not provide individual part numbers. I called Suzuki to get a part number so I could buy a replacement spacer and was told that it was only available as part of the frame brace kit, which was not for sale. After some go-around it was decided that they would ship a complete new kit to my local dealer who would inspect the bike to determine that the brace was properly installed. They then would take whatever parts were needed from the new kit and use them to "fix" mine. This seemed silly but it got me the spacer. Without it there is no positive stop for the undercowling screw, i.e. it will just compress the rubber cushion that the spacer sits in. Suzuki's underlying concern was that there was some sort of defect in the kit that was only now coming to light.

Several days later I managed to find the lost spacer in some ground cover outside my garage (a large, powerful magnet did the trick). What I notice is that the ID of the cushion is 8.55 mm and the OD of the bracket is 8.44 mm. So it just falls off when the cowling is held with its inside facing down. This contrasts with a similar spacer/cushion that mounts the front of the tank. There the spacer presses into the cushion and it doesn't fall off when the tank is raised.

In my opinion the kit has a design defect that can easily lead to a lost spacer. The simplest solution is to glue the spacer to the cushion with RTV. Beware that if you lose yours, it's a big deal to get a replacement.

P.S. I spoke to a Suzuki tech rep at the recent Laguna Seca races about this. He was unaware that there were no part numbers listed for the individual kit components and said that he would get that fixed and into the fiche listings. We'll see.
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If I was going to look at a K5 / K6, is there any way to see if the brace has been fitted?
Sometimes, even the frame brace won't prevent breakage. :lol


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^Look at the pictures on the 17th and 18th pages of this (they're marked 9-13 and 10-13). They show side views of the brace in the process of being installed (it's not in the final position in some views). Note that the brace extends forward partially beneath the hole in the frame for the air duct. If you look down between the frame and the cowling just behind where the air duct meets the frame, you'll be able to see the brace if it's there. Perhaps the most recognizable part is the top of the reinforcement bracket/cap. It has an embossed "L" or "R" for the left or right side.
Sometimes, even the frame brace won't prevent breakage. :lol

Nope.....but fortunately the brace does come with a warranty for the frame for 10 years from the date of install. Winning :punk

Sometimes, even the frame brace won't prevent breakage. :lol
I know Ive seen that pic before several times. That has a "cold" weld;meaning there wasnt enough heat(amps) to get full weld penetration. Thats terrible:dissapointed
I know Ive seen that pic before several times. That has a "cold" weld;meaning there wasnt enough heat(amps) to get full weld penetration. Thats terrible:dissapointed
Heh... You said full penetration.

Balls's a welding term.
Question for those that got the brace. Did the dealer remove/leave off the plastic inner cowling/fairing piece that sits on top of the radiator when you had yours done?
Part number: 94457-41G00 COVER,COWL FRON
#3 in the fische
^Yes. The cover won't fit with the brace installed unless it's modified, which is not part of the recall procedure. Instead the procedure calls for it to be removed and that's what is being done. See posts #893 to #901. The brace modification allows air to bypass the radiator, which lowers the cooling capability. It's normally not a problem but in extreme cases can lead to the bike running hot. I bought a cover to modify and install but have never done anything with it. In my case it's only being done to minimize airflow into the upper engine area.

If you're just now getting your brace installed, I suggest that you ask for the removed cover.

P.S. In my #901 post I mention the under inner cowls and their not being replaced. I was confused about this, in part because the brace installation procedure hardly mentions it. The procedure actually involves replacing the under cowls, not the under inner cowls. I'm still searching for the video mentioned in #893 but Suzuki has blocked it. Perhaps someone in another country could use that as leverage to get a copy.
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Hey guys, is it me or does the under cowling screw spacer look backwards in the drawing? The whole purpose of the spacer is to stop the cushion from getting compressed so shouldn't the spacer shaft go inside the cushion? Either the spacer is backwards or in the wrong order (i.e. frame, spacer, cushion, washer, screw).
^"The whole purpose of the spacer is to stop the cushion from getting compressed so shouldn't the spacer shaft go inside the cushion? Either the spacer is backwards or in the wrong order (i.e. frame, spacer, cushion, washer, screw)."

I wonder if you're misinterpreting the drawing. The order shown is frame-brace-spacer-cushion (not shown)-washer-screw. I concede that the drawing could be clearer.

A better design would be to either have the washer captive on the screw or to use a special screw with a large head as they did in the pre-recall design. But Suzuki was probably in a rush to get the frame brace done (people were getting injured and lawsuits were being filed) and they just used an ordinary screw/washer and didn't get the OD of the spacer right. On my K6, I've replaced the screw/washer with a titanium screw that has a captive aluminum washer.

IMO opinion a bigger issue is that cowling removal is a fairly standard owner operation. Yet the drawing showing how things go together is only available in the frame brace installation instructions, which are nominally only for the dealership mechanics. They need to issue an addendum to the service manual or something - with part numbers for the components.
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I interpreted the drawing incorrectly - I thought the reinforcement brace mounting hole (to the left of the spacer) was the cushion.
I'm giving my VIN to my local Suzuki shop - that should know if it's been done to my K5.
I'm also going to look when I get home too.

I know, older thread- go info for me and my K5Liter
VIN or not, it's fairly easy to tell if the brace is installed on the frame if you glance behind the fairing plastics.
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