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o2 sensor & Powercommander, disable?

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New user here, have a 750 K7 on order and allready got the Yoshi TRC, PC3 and BMC filter.
Here´s my question:

On the Powercommander site, where the maps for 750 (and 600) are located, on the european maps they say you need to disable the 02-sensor.

I know about the SET vavle, and will disable that. But does the european model have a sensor that the US doesnt ?

What is it, and do i need to disconnect that it?
And does anyone know how?

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No european users here who know anything about this ???

If there is an O2 sensor, Power Commander makes a part to fix that.
Not so sure about the 750 but several other bikes have different ECU's for Euro and US. I also don't see an O2 sensor in the US service manual. So don't use a Euro map.

Well maybe you will want to since your from Sweeden.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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