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so the morning after I post pics of my bike here , explaining some of the problems I'm having and how I think its settled down , this happens.

Pulling up at an intersection, change down the gears, hmmm that clutch felt a bit wierd.... next gear, hmmm that clutch felt a bit loose, next gear, hmmm that clutch felt a LOT loose, next gear, hmmm where the hell did my clutch go?

bike stops (had to, bumper to bumper CRAZY traffic, I work at a Uni and it was 9am
) bike stalls. Well, I think thats fucked it, Not moving now, then I realise I can probably "rock" it in into neutral, do this, roll it to the side and wave the traffic past.

Then I look at the clutch lever to see how bad it is. Um... that cable it still attached to the lever, WTF? The clutch adjuster had sheared off where the thread comes out of the lever. POS alloy part. The cable had popped right out of the guide because there was nothing to hold it in when I last released the clutch.

Solution: hold the clutch so there is no slack, use only a few gears and ride with the speed of a thousand gazelledapedes to the place where I bought the bike (while testing out the theoretical top speed of 114km/h in first

When I got there it was relatively painless to replace the adjuster. Used a screwdriver in the split of the thread to back out the remaining thread and fit new one. Then the cheap bastards claimed that it was a wearing part and wanted to me to pay for it (needless to say I did not).

Now for the bit that worries me. When the new adjuster was fitted (and I'm pretty sure its the same size etc) and set to the same position as the one that broke, the clutch now has an engagement point that is alot further out from the bar (it was really early in the lever travel, now its right at the end). So something must have moved at the other end. Also (I'm pretty sure it didn't do this before) the clutch now makes a "croaking" noise when pulled.

I wont have a chance to pull it apart till the w/e (primary transport and work is 22km away) and apart from this it seems ok. Any ideas? Am I just being paranoid, or should I expect a high speed high-side early tommorrow morning?


have you tried using the adjuster to vary the contact point?....sorry to point out the obvious but i cant think of anything else?...

sorry bout the misfortune mate.....hope you figure it all out soon!

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I would check were the cable going into the case.. It might be loose down there and starting to fall out of place...

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