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Well I went for a nice ride today!! It felt good even though I'm a little gunshy riding on the road!!

I found a nice route for the area out here! It started off with me leaving Clarksville Tn and heading west by northwest on 79 up through Dover and past the Land Between The Lakes to 232. I followed 232 south(lanes seem a little tight so be careful your first run through, also heading south on one corner there is a hole/bump which shook the bike up other then that the road is rather nice). I follwed 232 around until I reached 147 and began heading east until I reached 49 (which is where I made a right instead of a left, oooppppsssss), I continued on 49 until I reached 46 and began heading north toward 79. What was realy neat was that on 46 north of Erin and Cumberland city I got on a feiry(not the San Fran. type but the boat across a river type!!) which was realy cool and only cost a buck to cross!! From there I continued up 46 untill I reached 233 and began heading east by north east!

I saw two speed traps in Dover and another speed trap vicinity 233 and 46!

Be safe and have fun!!

Oh yes the chicken strips are gone!!! Even though I am timid about riding on the street(bad experiences) I still don't need the BBQ sauce!!

If anyone has anymore good routes please post them!
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