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[2011 GSXR 600 20K miles]
This happened 3 times so far.

I usually stop my bike in first gear, and also kill the engine using the kill switch (on the right). When I put my key and move the key into "On" state, I see the power in the electronic panel, but as soon as I flip the engine switch the power is gone.

2 times I made it work when removed the two 30 Amp fuses and put them back in. As soon as I remove and put them back, and turn the key the power is there. This morning that didn't solve the problem and had to drive to work.

  • I checked the battery using a multimeter, and I see 12+V on it
  • I checked all the fuses and none of them are burnt
  • Did a continuity test on one of the fuses and that seems to work too

This seems to happen only after a few hours of parking. Two times it happened in the morning, and once in the evening (when I tried to return from work).

It doesn't seem like a wiring issue. Any advise guys?

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What voltage, specifically?

Check connections for rust. Heated rust increases it's insulating qualities immensely.

What is the voltage at the battery terminals when the bike is running at 5k rpm?

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Try wiggling those wires where the fuse is while you have the switch and key in the "on" position. See if the power flicks on while moving the wires.

Do the same while moving the wires going into the ECU.

Same with the wires going into the kill switch.

My WAG is the connection at the ECU. Seems to be a fairly common problem.
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