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You read it here first folks. It's right here on a sticky in front of your face, no buying and selling in the general forum. If you want to buy or sell anything you must putit in the classifieds section and youmust have a Red R to do so. This is getting old. Read it and heed.

The site rules:

Get your Red R here:

Bottom line: if you want to buy/sell for free, you have to deal with Craigslist because it won't happen here. If you don't want to spend the $15 for a Red R, there's always ebay, and for anything significant, they'll take more than just $15. The choice is yours, but I don't want to hear you whine after getting banned for not following the rules.

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How to resize pics before posting

Most Mac users use iPhoto or a free utility like Resize' Em All, but PC users have many options too and I thought I would list some here. Posted pics that are too big really make it hard to read a thread (give me a headache), so please use one of these before posting! I will sometimes resize something too big, but I'm getting tired of it and may just start deleting. If you are taking a picture specifically for posting here you could also set your camera for email mode which is usually set for around 650 pixels wide which is good enough;) Smaller is ok, but wider than 800 is not!

The optimum size is 800 pixels wide!! If this list isn't enough options I have no sympathy for you!:biggrin

The Easiest way to resize your photos is to use a FREE online photo resize service available at any one of the following websites:
  • This one is easy to use because the site will automatically create several sizes of your photo along with dimensions for each resized photo. Just save the one that's labeled "width 800" for the Forum.
  • This one is easy to use because all you need to do is select option #2 which will automatically resize your photos to the correct size for the Forum.
  • This one is easy to use because it displays your photo with a slider bar you can use to adjust the photo size, always in the original proportion. You can also simply enter "800" for the width (or the height) and you'll have a correct size photo for the Forum. You can also rotate and/or crop your photos.
  • This one is easy to use because one option they give you is "I don't care, just make it 50% smaller", which will may give you the correct size for the Forum, but check it! You can also rotate and/or crop your photos.
  • This one is easy to use because it displays the size of your current photo and when you enter a new dimension it keeps the proportions correct. You can also rotate your photos.
  • This one is easy to use because it has a "Quick Resize" function for individual photos and a seperate function to resize multiple photos. The site also includes a 5 minute instructional video that takes you through the process click by click, but it's pretty easy anyway. You can also rotate and/or crop your photos. There's even a hand-job option.
  • This one has an easy-to-use menu on the left side of the screen. #1-Select the photo, #2-Select "Resize", #3-Save the resized photo. It displays your photo's current size and keeps the proportions correct as you enter a new size. You can also rotate and/or crop your photos.
  • This one is easy to use because it allows you to visually resize your photo with your mouse all while displaying the photo size as you move. I prefer just to enter the new size, but some members may prefer the graphic interface. You can also rotate and/or crop your photos.
The Fastest way to resize your photos is to download and install any one of these FREE programs which will allow you to work with your photos directly on your own computer, thus eliminating the upload and download time incurred when using the online services.
  • PIXresizer is one of the best and easiest photo resizers I've ever used, and it FREE! Works with one or multiple photos. The program makes it easy to resize all your photos with just one click for easy uploading to the Forum.
  • I've been using ImageResizer myself for several years, and the recent new verison is much faster that the original.
  • A very comprehensive program that appears to work with every file type and to do just about anything you would need to a photo.
  • This is a Windows Explorer extension that make it very easy to work with your image files directly from within Windows Explorer.
  • Windows XP Image Resizing Power Tool This is Microsoft's FREE program for editing photo files.

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Re: No Buying/selling Without A Red R!!!

This is a list of eBay ID's for the members here who have chosen to be listed. Since eBay hides bidder ID's now it isn't as useful as it used to be, but can still be used to identify sellers. Maybe a deal can be done outside their Paypal dictatorship.

To make it easier, put it in the format: E-bay ID is ID

The list is alphabetized by the ebay ID with that ID listed first.

11gsxrt is 11gsxrt
12less is os1100
2step88 is 2step750
44dwarf is 44dwarf
49hotrodLT is Hotrod
686doug is 771Doug
919_yon is pnjay
924gtracer is 93gixxer-6/7
954julius is long_av8rs_bro

answr4u is crnrcrvr
antesdeti is 86gixxxer
ares5000 is ares5000
ashfifty8 is Art1989
atomikperformance is EVO
ausgixxerpilot is AusGixxerPilot

bbwatercool is Cycle Concepts
bartek3 is 86gixxer
bigwheelie1 is redstain
bikefixers is Nefariousd7
BIZZOMB75 is BIZZOMB75 is gary gnu
bgnadeau is ***** Nadeau
bluegauges_dot_com is Yellow Fever
Bobbychet is Bobbychet
Barry.B.Movin is El Caballo
blair7985 is 90gsxr1100
bullet1225 is bullet1225
bukerpierre is bukerpierre

Calvinjunkie is lun
canadiandaytona is cdsgixxer
Camaro77z28 is NeXiS861100
Carobueng is t8kc
chiefga is chiefgix
chris_cult is chris_cult
christucker22 is DarkStaR6
CloudNineMtrspts is Cloud9Motorsports
corytomo is red92gsx
Crash748 is Crash748
Crow318 is crow318
crzoomb is crzoomb
cycle_cop is 01Gixxer1000

d.bone is Bones-GSXR
dagzook is zook39
Davexx7 = OZ750L
dc130911 is dc2004600
dee957 is DeeOne
delga_007 is bulldog002
devildog1313 is DevilDog
Devilz311 is Devilz311
Diania123 is 05GixxerChic
djGSXR is DJ
djturnz is ol_school_suzi
doctorlumen is doctorlumen
doplemx is GIXXERUK
drcyanide is drcyanide
drunkuncas is drunkuncas
ducks31 is RetroGixxer

ELGUAPORICAN is oldmanonagixxer
ejquik is E-RACER
erricz is ErricZ

fastcat8513 is FastCat
firefightercookie is firefightercookie
firefighteryez is FFYez_88_750
fightin-ry is fightin-ry
fireforeffect is fireforeffect49
Fireteacher14 is Fireteacher
fomocoho63 is gxr8762
FoxMulder_R is foxmulder_ewc
freddick is fredd
fredybender is fredybender

garvey2001 is Garey2003
Gixermouse is Gixer750
Gixxere is Gixxere
gixxergofast is gixxergofast
gixxerjersey is spike52
gixxer_pan is pan'86
gixxer75085 is cldfsnpw
Gojokid is MrHotrod
goldeneaglecustoms is Washi
gonzapa2 is gonzapa1
goodnight600 is thebronze
GSXR71 is angryinch
gsxr750n is Bay Area Baller
guitaralan is AlanS
gxr8762 is gxr8762
GsxrBobk is GsxrBobk
gsxrcide is cide
gsxrfreak1000 is gsxrfreak1000
gulfvetlph10 is gulfvet

hawkdriver66 is dustoff
hdfiftythree is hd53
hugefreak69 is THE_WOOD

Itisi312 is whatsthedeal321

JamesEarl15 is JamesEarl15
JamminJesus is Repvbblica-Italiana
JasonFreyman is Jason2000GSXR750
jdthecoolest is jdacoolest
JDB34 is J.D.
JGEMELLI is Mandra
jgnh47 is jhinderliter
Jmangixxer is Jman955i
johnw727 is c5homer
Jools is jools
Jools199 is Julia
jrstang473 is 1992 gsxr 750
justmanson is justmanson

kan3 is 0ldsch00laudi0
kartane_pete is Kartane Pete
karl1100 is gsx1127R
karl_1052 is karl_1052
karlj_1 is KJ1
klau_527 is adrianc
kookykrispy is joerocket
koolaid52 is koolaid5
kt-racing is kt

lbigbird is llbigbird
lhughl is Giannis
long_av8r is long_av8r

Manthall iszerexsix
marc_brown98 is 7_11
Mark67 is markrat98
[email protected] is MrFixit
Max_4_Arch is GIXXER_HN
mdsuit is oldboy
Mdubs2006 Is Ansobu
medvedev82a is VFRC
missedagear is Chainrash
mistayoung is MISTAYOUNG
mlrcloe is rocketscience
mobitron is Mobitron
Moprblms is Moprblms
mpettyj007 is petty
mr_95eclipse is Kurrupt_1
mrblaze211 is mrblaze211
mrgix is Mr GIXXER
MrTris is MrTris
MX_Demon is MX_Demon

N2Tattoo is ky02'1000
nbeihl is Texas_Tech_01_750
nitrosportman is nitrosportman
novass327 is schwantz34

OhmsLaw43 is SlickKat
Ok gixxerj-k is Gixxer-J
onenastynotch is gsxrturbobike
oojesteroo is DaJesta
orlandosharks is wizard racing
Oppugnall is Oppugnall
outlanderlet is outlandrlet

pantablo is gixablo
pbarnausa is ssPetess
phonex98 is phonex98
pedromo is Rags
pocar is pocar
PopaYosh is Yosh
primmers is spongebob
prostock07 is prostock07
pumatsi442 is Pumatsi


racer122 is dinoracer
racxob68 is boxcar
Randomshane is Angel Zero
redlightpete is redlightpete
rhodejm is john02liter
Ribbitism is Ribbitism
Riceburner_750 is Riceburner750
Rimmer24 is rimmer
rmf314 is 7-11 revolution
robben861100 is Robben
Robert40sw is rjardy
rupert55 is rupert55
RussManK3 is RussZTT
rwhrick is rickfzr400
ryandragon is DRAGON
rzmitchv4 is rzmitchv4

Sammo1 is youngGixxer
sauerland1357 is BrettsGSXR
schwantz347 is schwantz34
scjshaylen is SSG Steve
sgf3845 is sgf3845
shaggysgp is shaggy4267
shayneox is Shayne
[email protected] is SHINOBEEGSXR
shoblu is OneStFighter
sickz6 is sickz
similac95 is similac95
sir_muck_742 is muck
skidmark750 is skidmark
tractor is is skkids1
sldoaktree is Sldoaktree
Slothtyper is Ragnar
smokek69rc is kneedragon
snakeyes711 is SNAKEYES
spdfrk99 is spdfrk99
sprinklerhead is Sprinklerhead
sstein77 is 95Yosh750
starspeed120 is lawless1
stevie6697 is 91GSXRBunny
Streetfighter666 is UK lee
supertech is dsupertech1
suprx Gixxer id BigEnosBurdet
suzukiltd is suzukiltd
[email protected] is oldskool86

tan_brolo is Brolo
tattletailz is tattletailz
tharisingson is RudeBwoy
TJ Hooker is R1_pilot164
topgas1820 isgsxr12161216
Tornado-rider is Tornado-rider
Treetopsniper is Treetop
TSAVO5150 is TSAVO5150
tsims2005 is mr.wu
Tupelo_Todd is Gixxer-Fixxer
turboboy0 is BallzFast



WhiteJap is Root
wickvick is hypersport750
wriath is RustyGixxer

xiblu is bluezuke860
XRacerX is Recycler-927

yellowcab is yellowcabwinchester
yenkoiroc is Team Bogus
yzermac is yzermac

z1bigtom is z1bigtom
zekesps is break it

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Re: No Buying/selling Without A Red R!!!

And the blacklist!

These Ebayers have caused problems for one or more of our cautiously or not at all!

The worst scumbag award goes to Malawamotors, also known as Malawamotors8
Anderson's Vintage Parts

Please PM me an explanation of your problem with any proposed additions.......
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