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No battery power anywhere.

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I own a 1986 1100 and I don’t have any battery power anywhere. Even turning the key to on, no lights turn on, literally nothing.

I started with with the Starter Relay by jumping the red and black wires, starter turns over. That lead me to the yellow/green wire and the black/white wire I checked the continuity of the ground wire to the battery ground, it was good. I wasn’t getting power to the yellow somehow. Followed the wiring diagram to the engine stop switch, it was good. Continued to the Ignitor, and I’m not sure what is going on. I believe it’s bad, but I can’t confirm at all.

The bike currently has a Dyna 2000 Ignitor.

Any ideas? (Pic for reference).

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Check the circuit breaker.
Just checked the circuit breaker, somehow I’m not getting any power to the red wire leading up to it. I’m assuming I have to dig into the main wiring to find out the short?
Ignition switch?
already checked. The connections are good for “on”.
Are you using a multi-meter or a test light?
When you say connections are "good", does that mean you have source(battery) voltage at each point that you test?
I’m using both a multimeter and a test light.
Do you have power on only one side of the circuit breaker, or nothing at all there?
I used a multimeter to measure the voltage going from the positive end of the battery to the circuit relay. No power at all. But when I go from the negative terminal to the circuit, I get a reading.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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