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Hello everyone!

I just took on a huge project and will be turning to YouTube and the forums for guidance. I am rebuilding a motorcycle that one of my buddies wrecked on. The frame cracked in the wreck so I purchased a new one and replaced the cracked one. I need advice on what type of tools I’ll be needing to work on it (2014 GSX R600) and what parts I need to replace.

Im brand new to the forum and was hoping someone could tell me where to look. I would like to post pictures and have someone tell me what else I need. I also have no idea where to get all the missing bolts and screws. The bike wrecked in 2016 and has been sitting in the garage since.

any help is appreciated thank you!

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Welcome. First tool in your toolbox. A set of Digital Vernier Calipers. Get the best set you can afford. No good guessing the size of nuts and bolts and bearings. Good luck. (y)

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I suppose the same tools as my 1000 needs?, see pictures.

And a service manual to read the torque specs and tips.

And a online parts schematic to see if nothing is missing, like:
But buying missing bolts is a money pit, maybe a wrecker is nearby?

Also do you need paper work to get the new frame accepted or something from the government?
Any other damage, if the frame is cracked it might have more damage in the wheels, suspension, forks?

Maybe a tool to release connector plugs if a wire is damaged?
Terminal Removal Tool Kit for Car, Wire Connector Pin Release Key Extractor Tools Set

The tool for the steering stem and one for the swing-arm and wrench socket #36mm:

1/4 to 1/2 loose after 45Nm, see service manual.

swing arm tool:

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So you're basically taking the parts from the wrecked bike and installing them on a new (to you at least) frame?

There are many dealers online that have schematics of all the assemblies for the bike. These will give you part numbers (and prices) and show you basically how they fit together.

This is a popular bike so eBay will have most parts used for about 20% of the full retail price.

Tool wise you'll need at a minimum a full metric socket set, a full metric allen head set, and Suzuki likes to throw in the odd torque head bolts so a set of those too. And of course the normal box wrenches, hammer, mallet etc.

I'm currently fixing a wrecked 2013 and haven't run into anywhere I need specialty tools but most bikes require them to install/remove engine from the frame, to properly tighten the steering stem and to change fork seals.

I'd get the service manual and a Haynes manual if you don't have much experience with repairs this extensive.
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