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New to the Site and Gixxer\'s

Hello I just recently got a 2001 GSX-R 1000 Sadly i havent gotten a chance to ride it much since October when i got it
Only about 25 miles. The bike is a bit much but i couldnt pass it up
I used to have a 2k Kawi zx-6r but i had to sell it to buy my first house. Then when i was selling my 86GT i ended up trading a guy my mustang for the 2001 gixxer and $500. I was originally going to sell it because its a whole lot of bike. But after riding it i just couldnt believe how nice it turned and i missed riding so i decided to keep it.

Anyone in Michigan feel free to PM me going to need some people to ride with this summer

Re: New to the Site and Gixxer\'s

hi there and welcome!

i know what its like to have to sell the bike for a house, wise move indeed, but the pain oh the pain

im glad you are back in teh saddle though! go easy with the 1K its a whole lotta bike!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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