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I posted here seeking information on a bike.

Well long story short it's a WP and the SACS sticker was a red herring caused by someone who's not up to date on Suzuki acronyms. The frame is GR7BA and the engine is R720.

Anyway I bought the bike, transferred the title and brought it home two days back. Ride home was at night and it was wet so I took it slow and made it home without drama....say around 20kms (around 12miles). Temp stayed around the mark just above the stop but it was raining so not surprised.

Today I got up early and checked the bike over. Oil, brake fluid and coolant looked ok. Started the bike on the choke and it went first try. Takes a while to warm up, around 5 mins before it's comfortable off choke.Went for a ride and the engine gives good power up to around 140kmh (80mph). Didn't go faster as I still need to go thru the brakes. It's a bit rattly on half throttle but improves on full.

Other things I noticed.

1. The indicators are very erratic.. work sometimes. Sprayed some cleaner in there and it seems to help some

2. There is no steering damper fitted. I thought these had them as standard.?

3. Warning light for neutral does not work..

4. In the sellers pics there was no can for the rear shock. I thought the PO must've swapped it out but when I removed the rear seat I found the can inside, still hooked up. Wonder why?

5. Fuel tap is missing its knob. Anyone have one for sale?

6. Coolant expansion is down by the radiator on the left. I guess this has been modded as the coolant tank is usually up in the seat area?

7. Bike as been dropped before as the fairing has various repair and a few of the lugs that the infill (black bits) screw onto are broken. Rest is firmly fixed, if a bit tatty on close inspection

8. During the ride today the temp gauge stayed around the mark on the gauge so that's good.

9. Rear brake is a bit wooden, needs a lot of pressure to have any effect, hope some pads will cure this. Fronts are good.

10. Didn't hear the fan come on but temps were around 25degC (77deg F) so I gues the engine wouldn't have gotten really hot.

11. Only the left headlamp is on on low beam. Both come on on high beam. Is this how it works?

13. what is the standard settings for the suspension?

#anyone have a link to an online owners manual for this bike? I have downloaded a shop manual but an owner's manual will help with stuff like warning lights, suspension settings etc.

Appreciate your comments.

Anyway here are some pics

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Motorcycle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive tire

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle

Fuel tank Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Motorcycle

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Vehicle brake

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