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New to me 1997 GSXR 750 PICS

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I sold my 95 GSXR 750 for $3,500 and bought my bros 97 GSXR 750 for $4,200. He had it from 1000 miles.. it has 9000 now. Immaculate!! Not even a scratch. He never washed with water, never sat outside overnight, never ridden in the rain. Sucks is i put a tiny nick in the tank somehow in only 300 miles!! (i think with my TiMax gloves)

here is the old.

here is the new
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my favorite color. Used to have that plastic. Get some sliders for it and keep her nice
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it has some carbon fiber/aluminum sliders now.

not sure how well they would function in a crash... but they sure do look sweet
welcome to the ole relic club...
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