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Hey guys...brand new to this forum so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post this or if has been answered before. I just bought a 2007 gsxr 600. I thought the stator was bad so I took the airbag off to get to the harness and it was melted on to the connection to the rectifier. I had to clip the wires off from the stator side of the harness.
The stator ended up reading correct voltage from my multi meter so im assuming the rectifier/regulator is the culprit.
My question is does it matter which yellow wire from the stator harness goes to the rectifier harness?
I Ohmed each pair out with my multi meter with no luck in finding a pair. Dummy me didn't label anything before clipping...i should have but thats my ADD kicking in.
I appreciate it guys and looking forward to learning more and hopefully helping out in this community.

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When will people learn that a proper intro in the ‘starting line’ section will get you more help then just posting a help me help me thread !!!

This is a community ... have some manners
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