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never owned a Tiller, rode em, worked on em, forks, the electrical gremlins, anywho I did notice they are SRAD's and a lot of parts look like GSXR SRAD parts like rotors and calipers, forks even look close

anyone know what parts will swap over to the GSXR 600/750 SRADs?

mainly the front end complete with clips and top clamp, and poissibly the swingarm,

600 swingarm is unbridged and the forks are standard non USD forks.. 1 way plus spring tension adjustable, has a compression screw on top no rebound screw or anything.. yup pretty rough alright considering the performance of the bike,

seems everyone and their brother looks at these SRADs as if they are high dollar top end bikes, used parts are 2-3 even 4 times more than a new bike, ridiculous can find a Bus front end complete for around $175 or so, however a GSXR SRAD they want $300-$400 for forks and tree.. hale that's almost half the value of the bike these days, that's IF you can sell one for $1000, dood had a real nice FI 750 clean as a whistle he couldn't get $1600 for it, so why in the world would a front end be worth $300?

they are NOT rare bikes at all, they produced oodles of em, why so many are still on the road today..

just not worth it IMO, i'm already way upside down on that bike as is.. its a good runner for sure and all it needs now are good forks but no way at that price..

I'll fashion the better gold 04 gsxr1k forks before I pay that, get the entire front end, clips, top clamp, wheel, rotors, calipers, for $250 and they are WAY BETTER forks than the 750 SRAD forks..

if the Tiller front end bolts up and the lock and stops and ignition are a go that broadens my search..

could be Tiller parts are much the same as the gsxr SRADs, way overpriced?

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