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got my first bike, 97' gix600.. .
i had a lot of q's to ask but the stickies answered most of em.. .

the fairings and front is off so i can work on it, i plan on gettin a full tuneup and some new tires, so far ive only had 2 recommendations, bridgestone bt010/020 and metzeler sport tec m1.. . do these sound right?

also does anyone have alarm on their bikes? any specific kind of fairing protectors?

i have a lot to learn and itll be a bit before i actually ride this thing but i aprreciate any input.

bike (yes in my kitchen next to my food)

parts i need to work on
I had a 97 600..see my sig pic...

Either tire will work fine, the bt 010's will last longer...and still work fine for that spirted ride in the twisties, or a track for frame sliders/protectors..Intuitive makes the best imho..get some swingarm sliders as well...never had an a search on alarms, use gen. Bike talk as the forum..or 96-99 SRADS...

Oh..and welcome to the boardz...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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