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New oil cooler

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I have replaced the oil cooler on my 1992 GSXR 1100. Do I need to worry about bleeding the system or can I just put new oil in the motor and let it pump its self through?
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Just letting it pump itself through on its own will be fine. Until it gets to a certain temp/pressure will it let it through anyway. If you’ve added an aftermarket cooler which usually have a higher capacity than the OEM cooler be prepared to add more oil after it warms up from a short ride. Don’t worry about it being a little low at first as it won’t be low enough to be of concern. At most, you may get another 1/2 quart in to bring it to the full mark from the original capacity. However, do make sure that before starting the bike you are at the full mark, whether just adding oil to what’s already in the crankcase after the new cooler was added if you didn’t change the oil at the same time or you’re starting with a fresh oil change. Doing so will ensure your oil level is sufficient for the startup with the new cooler until you top it off after the initial warmup.
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