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Long time soortbike enthusiast and rider. Been out of the seen for a few years and have owned many bikes in the past. I left riding regularly when the economy went in the tank back in 2008. Sold my last bike at the time and replaced it with a car. I mainly rode bikes as main transportation as I just love to ride. :thumbup
List of bikes I've owned and tracked as well.
1st bike 1997 Kawi ZX-11 ( crazy to think as your first bike )
2nd Bike 1998 Yamaha R1 in Red/White ( Best color and first year )
2000 CBR 929RR
2001 GSXR 1000RR
2005 ZX10R - ( Monster and most powerful bike I've owned )
2005 ZX6R 636
2004 GSXR 600 converted to track bike
2003 Honda RC51 ( Updated model ) Preferred it over the Ducati 998
2002 Ducati 998 Biposta
2007 Husky TE510 ( nearly killed myself trying to ride dirt, sold after two rides )
2007 ZX6R
2005 GSXR 750 Trackbike ( full prepared and was very fast bike )
2007 ZX10R Limited Edition
2001 CBR929RR ( Barn find as it was 1 owner less than 1000k miles bought is 2014 all original an bone stock )

I've done many trackdays over the time of riding and schools as well. I live on the West Coast so we have favorable weather year round. Not to mention many tracks to go to as well.

I'm really tempted to pick up a 2018 leftover GSXR1000R as I've been seeing deals on them. I got interested in riding again as my brother tossed me the keys to his 2018 CBR1000 Naked bike and I had a blast. I miss riding so much and I have a wife who loves to go for rides 2up as well.

I hope you like my resume and also have over 100k miles on sportbikes alone along with some cruiser rides here in there but never liked cruisers like I do sportbikes. :cheers
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