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What's up? New member here.

My father originally bought the '89 GSXR1100 from the dealership and rode it until 2008. He sold it because he wanted to be around for his new family. It was his baby and put over 60k miles on her. Went all over the country and was basically his daily.
He has been wondering what happened to his bike. So for Christmas, I said I would find it for him and at least know what happened to it.

A few weeks later we found it, and a few weeks after that, we bought it from the PO. It has been sitting outside since 2012. Doesn't run anymore because of an "engine problem." Unsure of what happened to it but it does have 70k on the clock so really anything could have happened.

Now, we're in the process of restoring; I'll probably make a thread on that. But we got a lot of work to do and I would love to see it on the road again.

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