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2008 Suzuki GSX R600
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Hi all,

Stoked to be back in the community. 5 years ago I sold an all black 2008 GSX R600. At the time my community I rode with wasn’t a positive conducive environment so I stopped riding and picked up skydiving again.

Here’s my old bike:

Tire Wheel Plant Sky Fuel tank

recently I discovered a couple co-workers who I vibe with ride and do track days pretty often. It motivated me to find a bike again.

Story time, last week I drove nearly 2 hours to buy back what I thought (as pictured) was my old bike. But, it turned out to be a stolen bike and if it was my bike. It was botched! I drove back disappointed but knew I’d find the right one.

My new to me 2008 Suzuki GSX R600 is an opposite Oreo to my old one. White, with polished wheels and just under 10k miles. I am stoked to say the least!

Sky Tire Wheel Cloud Fuel tank

Cheers 🍻,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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