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Hey guys finally got around to work on the bike this weekend, its been raining or snowing before. Dident realise how much work i actually had to do on the bike untill i started but im glad i got done with what i did so far and am going to be doing some more hopefully next week if the weather is nice.
So far i have installed a new r77 full system, removed the servo and put in a servobuddy, installed a pcv and started hooking up the autotuner.

While hooking up the autotuner tho i had some real issues hooking up the cables that come out from the o2 sensor to the autotuner module.
Each cable has a small screw and color coded hole but when i tighten the screw it doesnt feel tight and i can pull it out.
Am i doing something wrong?

Next week i will be installing some blue spiegler brake lines, and start working on my light kit for the body and wheels.
Also slap on this awesome tank guard i found.
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