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Hello thanks for having me I'm new to the forum but cant wait to get I grew up riding dirtbikes I previously owned a FJ 650 I now have a buell blast and a 1996 gsxr srad here's my promblem I could tell my rectifier was going bad cuz my lights would dim but would go bright when I was on the throttle8 I'm riding it and all of a sudden ...Boom a loud boom and I lost all power to everything ..check all fuses ...good...checked both relays..good...even took my volt meter and I'm getting power to everything including ignition switch.everything is getting power except my dash lights and my headligjts... no volt to them

.no reading on volt meter...everything else yes...but litterally now power like 8 turn key and nothing at all no sound no flicker no nothing.....can some one plse help me ...this is just the beginning it already had some issues was like it was being held back in higher and lower rpms
Had a sweet spot around like 3 to 700 thousand and would take off
..but other than that was like it was flooding or bogging real bad had to ease into it...but that was what I was attempting to figure out ....when this happened...almost blew top off of battery the plug comming from the rectifier had a melted wire which I tried to hot wire...I mean I did just to see what would happened ...but anyway no power at all help me plse

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Welcome ....

Two things , 1 this is for intros only (not tech help) and 2 I suggest you change your user name , that is if you don’t like spam.
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