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New Guy L9 750

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What's up guys? I haven't been on a forum since I was probably like 15, but i'm getting too old to care at this point. Thought I'd show y'all my retrofit headlight I just finished. It's not the easiest to get good pictures of, but this one is about as good as you can see the difference. Yeah, it's dirty... No I don't care if you give me hell for having a CS racing exhaust...I had a taylormade on my '07 750 too
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That thing is brighter than a police flashlight in a dark parking lot when you're trying to d-flop on a p-pop!

Pretty close! 33 almost 34! But, it's good to know there's some maturity on this forum. That's the reason I got away from them. Too many "cool guys" and cliques. Thanks for the compliment.
42, maturity is a naughty word, you shush. plugs both ears with pointer fingers and closes eyes sticks out tongue 👉😝👈 (also new here, just bought a new 750, been out of the game since I sold my ‘06, also bought new. Cheers!!)
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