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New bike owner, VETS help me out!

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Hey everybody just joined the forums! I had just purchased a 2007 GSXR 600. It has 15k miles on it no rust no scratches garage kept bike seems to be in great condition. The previous owner said he hadn't rode it in about 2-3 seasons. I bought it took it home and rode it, it rode flawlessly and started up well. I parked it in the garage that night. The next morning I took it out for a spin and again it rode fine. About and hour into my ride the bike died and when I tried to start it it would light up the dash and try and start but failed. I then bump started it and it rode it to work, no dash flickering from what I saw. Fast forward 6 hours when I get out of work I turn the key and get absolutely no response from the bike no fuel pump sounds no electricity to the gauges at all absolutely nothing. Walked it up a big hill and got it rolling to a pretty decent speed wouldn't even bump start. I bought a battery for it that says it was pre charged and filled with acid put the battery in the bike and it was sparking slightly at the connection points(bike was off no keys in). The bike was getting zero power. The wires looked to be factory and not tempered with. I pulled the rectifier off and it appeared bubbled/warped. Does anyone know any other causes I've read about R/R or stator so I ordered a new R/R. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I'm just a new rider looking to get back on the road ASAP thank you!
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I think 2006/7 had the RR located near the radiator? There is an aftermatket relocation bracket to move it to a spot where it will get more ventilation and won't be only getting hot air:

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