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New Akropovic exhaust.

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Has anyone heard when this new split exhaust will be available? There is a single one that's similar but I cant find it on the website. Any info is appreciated. G
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That's MotoGP only exhaust. Not consumer

Basically, everything on that bike is the highest level of custom there is for Suzuki.
You can get the colors from Suzuki on '20 & '21 fairings. The actual body work is in-house Suzuki custom only for MotoGP. Though you may find 3rd party, race bodywork, manufacturers on the web somewhere with something close. Then find a painter to paint them or hope to then find a graphics kit to match the body shapes
You can't get just a mid pipe. The cat is built into the header of the 17+ bikes. You have to either replace the header or find someone to cut the cat out of the stock header and fabricate a piece to weld in.

I just replaced my header last night and the stock is sitting on the floor in the garage if you want a pic
Arrow Competition Evo 2 full system in Titanium

Give me a minute to go get the pic.
Ok, ready for more questions. lol What year is your bike? Do you think this is the best header? I was told Arrow makes two versions of the header for Kawasaki. Normal style and WSBK header. I wonder if its the same for any other manufacturers? Next question, Isnt the the valve thingy removed on aftermarket exhausts? Also do you know why it narrows where the O2 sensor is installed?
I have a 2020 R1000R.
Arrow makes one header, from my understanding, for one of their slip on cans. Then the header that comes with the full system. I do not know what the difference is, but the collectors, mid pipes and link pipes have different part numbers
Yes, the flapper valves are removed
I don't know why they designed then in any specific way

As for which is best, someone like @Karns Performance would have to advise which makes power where to figure out what you want from the exhaust. I bought the Arrow because I liked the look and got a smoking deal on the full system from SuperBike Unlimited. I also bought the MWR WSBK filter from them and had them flash the ECU to go along with the changes.
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Yes, the earlier header pic was the chunky ass stock header.

This is the full arrow Competition system.

Synthetic rubber
Bicycle handlebar Chain Silver Cylinder Flashlight
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Feel like Arrows full exhaust with the actual canister sounds pretty close to the predator. The predator spits flames so much my right rear turn signal is burnt lol.
My Arrow shoots flames as well, and it is loud AF.

I lost the lower fairing bolt on both sides, once the new bolts show up and the fairings are on I'm planning to do some drive-bys and take a db reading with my meter.
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