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New Akropovic exhaust.

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Has anyone heard when this new split exhaust will be available? There is a single one that's similar but I cant find it on the website. Any info is appreciated. G
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Bringing this back up from the grave. Two things, One, where can a person get this pipe made? Two what brand of tail section that? Thanks for the help.
Would you know who makes the plastics (carbon pieces)? Is that Suzuki as well?
Eyespy: That looks the balls! Great Job
Gazcop: I can make any decals you might need. I have a vinyl cutter here at home.
Heres another question. How does a person get a mid pipe that is all one piece?
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Yes please. What header did you get?
Ok, ready for more questions. lol What year is your bike? Do you think this is the best header? I was told Arrow makes two versions of the header for Kawasaki. Normal style and WSBK header. I wonder if its the same for any other manufacturers? Next question, Isnt the the valve thingy removed on aftermarket exhausts? Also do you know why it narrows where the O2 sensor is installed?
I was wondering with all that stuff hanging off of it.
oohhh weee! Thats the one I like. Nice looking exhaust.
Did anyone like the Yosh R-11? I like the arrow above all else but I feel that the Yosh belongs on a Suzuki. The R-11 sounds damn nice on the videos though.
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