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Hey people I just ran across a guy here in Minnesota that can rebuild the original shocks or even hook you up with a custom unit if your so inclined. His name is Bruce Schaapveld and he's one of the nicest and most knowledgeable people I've come across when dealing with bikes. I took my worn out completely empty of oil and nitrogen shock to him and he had it rebuilt, cleaned and charged by the next day! Cost out the door was $150 for the labor, seals, oil and nitro. My spring is not in the best shape but he said that if I wanna change up he'll install it for free! (other than the price of the spring) Pretty cool.

He's currently building a brand new shop but he's still easy to get ahold of. He doesn't mind shootin the breeze either, like I said a nice guy.

He actually thought the stocker KYB was a decent shock and suggested I don't upgrade to a painfully expensive WP,Fox or Ohlins for my needs (street only) so if your looking to get your shock rebuilt for not a lot of cash and want excellent customer service give him a shout.
To contact him, use 651-257-0828

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