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Need to replace my Protek rearset

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I have to replace the left side of my protek rear set.

I just need to replace the left peg and the shifter (think it's bent) on my '97 GSX-R 750.

Anyone know if I can get cheaper replacements than $51.20 direct from protekk?
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Originally posted by skidmark:
you "think" it's bent. Better make sure before you buy new parts. You realize you can jsut heat up the shifter with a torch and bend it back with a set of pliers. Wrap a towel around it before you use the pliers and it won't leave a scratch. You can also straighten the footpeg to a small degree...

Ummm... that's not your bike is it? That's not a 97 750...
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Actually my shifter is just bent, I'll try heating it and bending it carefully w/ a towel and some pliers.

However the peg was snapped and has to be replaced. I'll try calling Chris from and Dwayne from Cycle Concepts for the replacement peg since they're more likely to give a discount for member, which fucking rules

No that is not my bike, wish mine was that polished though

Thanks a lot for the great advice, I really appreciate it!

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Originally posted by jp233:
you can get ProTek stuff cheap from

call Chris (owner) and he will hook you up since you are a member
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Finally got around to calling him. Really nice guy! Said he could get it to me for around $25!
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