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First off, lemme just get some stuff out of the way..

I live in Europe and finished my a2 license(45hp~ max), I have a 50cc(from a family member) bike and was planning on getting something better as I still have more than a year's worth of waiting before I can get my "unrestricted cc" license and I don't have a personal car either so having something that I can take to the highway and go cruise around with instead of just commuting and taking short trips (emphasis on short).

Why not an r3 or a ninja400? well, here they are 5.5-6k used bit in good condition, and the gsxr is 6.5-7k with higher millage (around 20k~ kms), and for as little of a price difference id rather have the bike I like more..

My questions were about the restriction (note that I'm NOT planning on taking it off, just afraid that it will make it ride weird (maybe it does rev as high? maybe the hp just stalls at 8krpm and its flat?)), I saw some videos and the rpms seemed to be limited? is it mechanically throttle-limited? ecu? is it odd to ride?

Just wanted to know from anyone of my euro bros ahs one that can give me their opinion on it :)
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