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I recently went out and bought a 1999 GSX-R 750. This is my first bike, and man i love it.

I am however having a minor problem with it. When i first bought it the oil light was going on, and off periodically. So naturally i went to the store and bought some oil for it (yes it was the right kind lol). I filled it up, and it is perfect in terms of how much oil is in it now. and the light was still on for a day or two after that, but then it went off. about a week goes by and now the light is back on again. I took it to the motorcycle shop, and he was clueless saying that if i changed the oil everything should be fine, however he did say it may be the oil pressure switch. There is a bad gasket on there that i need to replace, and will as soon as the parts get in.

But does anyone have any ideas as to what this problem with the oil light could possibly be? Im a new rider, and no one in my family rides so im kinda taking this one on alone and would gladly accept any help

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