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hey guys so i have taken apart my clutch and looked at everything also took pics all the way so i wouldn't haven a issue putting back together! well as i have been looking at the plates they are pretty brown in color and a few steel plates have either a few or a bunch of burn marks on them.

now I have everything torn apart and the main bar that sticks out turns like and inch or more forward ( see pic)

Is this normal??

also here are a few pics of the plates let me know any input!

all the plates^^^^

worst plate I seen now others have some burns and ware and it kinda seems like the plates might be bent up very light.

i have not preformed the stacking all plates on a flat surface yet but i will be shortly and i am also going to see if in spec, now remember i was having issues from first to 2nd where it will go into neutral or from 2nd to 1st where it might slip to neutral and might grind! thanks guys

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If you are having problems shifting, it's not your clutch, it's your transmission gears
either your shifter forks are worn, or your gears are worn, it's not your clutch.
And there shouldn't be any sideways movement of the axel, in and out is okay

I have attached a picture of a transmission gear, the grooves you see four of, should look close to the one in the picture, if you have a lot of missed shifts, the groove sides are probably worn, so they aren't as straight, resulting in the bike hopping out of gear.


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