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It's been a while but I have several posts here about these pins, for example this. Search for posts by me and "delrin".

I'm aware of two types of these fasteners that Suzuki refers to as Type A and Type B. The Type A has a part number that's 09409-xxyyy-zzz. "xx" is the pin/hole diameter and I'm aware of 06, 07, and 08. "zzz" designates the material and finish and is sometimes missing. The Type B is pried open with a screwdriver and has pn 94479-35F00. They are less rigid and are probably not delrin. On my K6 1000, the air duct cover uses a 7 mm Type A while the swingarm chain guard uses an 8 mm.

P.S. Here's the Nifco (the actual manufacturer) info about them. Not every one is used by Suzuki.
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